3 Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Engagement Rings

If you have your mind set on dumpster diving and trying to find yourself a cheap engagement ring, let me stop you right now from making what could probably be a terrible mistake. The worst mistake of your life. Now we’re all for saving a few bucks, recession and all, but just being all George Costanza, El Cheepo is just, well, SAD!

Don’t believe me? Here are 3 reasons why buying cheap engagement rings simply sends the wrong message about you, how you feel about her and how her friends and family will see you.

1. You’ll Embarass Her

First of all you’re going to embarrass your little princess. Every time some nosey aunt asks to see her cheap ring that you bought her, she’s going to get the “Oh, well, isn’t that, um, charming/quaint/SWEET!” Deep down inside her BS translator will go off and compute, “OH that’s so sad, your man gave you this.” Not to mention every woman within 2 feet of her ring finger will be asking her to lift her hand in shame to show what you bought her. Don’t make her feel like the only girl at prom stuck with the loser, with the acne problem, break dancing to the slow jams and drawing more unwanted attention to her. A horrible thought right fellas? Simply put, you’ll embarrass her.

2. You’ll Embarrass Yourself

Affordable engagement rings may seem non existent, but not making the effort to look and getting her a cheap engagement ring not only embarrasses her, but embarrasses you as well. You will forever be remembered as the guy amongst her friends and in her family that bought the plastic looking ring. Sure they’ll still love you, but her

girlfriends will be sure to whisper about you every time you’re around. Not to mention you’ll be sure to get that condescending pat on the back from her dad, “Good job El Cheepo, Good Job!”

You’ll probably end up spending the rest of your life either justifying why you couldn’t afford a decent ring, or worse, have to buy more and more expensive stuff to prove you’re not a cheapskate after all.

3. She’ll Feel Like She Wasn’t Worth It

Whoever told you women don’t care about engagement ring prices and how much you spend on her is just telling you a lie. Women care, and to a lot of women, the more you spend, or seem to spend makes them feel special. A little ridiculous yes, but we like to feel like we’re worth more to you that just a ring from a cracker jack box.

If you just get any ring to propose with, then we’ll feel like we weren’t worth the effort, the planning, the time for you to go out of your way to make us feel like the princess you do want to spend the rest of your life with. We laugh at your corny jokes, massage your ego when you hurt your leg playing touch football with your overweight college buddies and act like we care when you get all excited about some stupid guy movie starring your favorite corny actor. I mean Hangover 12? Seriously? And we’re going to have to do this FOREVER. The least you can do is splurge a little on an engagement ring for us.

So when you need all that undivided attention, at least we have a nice ring on our finger to look at while we watch you pout.

If you need more reasons than that, why you shouldn’t buy engagement rings for cheap, then I wish you good luck. If you are in san diago and want to find affordable engagement rings, then just visit David and Sons Jewelers (davidandsonsjewelers.com).

Good luck handsome 🙂

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