Top 10 Accessories that Pull it All Together

Top 10 Accessories that Pull it All Together

Whatever your personal style, creating a polished, put-all together look is more than a matter of wearing the garments that you love. In fact, no matter how keen your fashion sense, individual clothing pieces can only take you so far. Wearing modest clothing basics does not need to be boring. For the finishing touch, remember: it’s the little things that help you make a fashion statement from head to toe.

To transform your clothes into outfits that work, save room in your closet for these top 10 accessories essentials together:

Top 10 Accessories Jewelry

Top 10 Accessories that Pull it All Together

Understated Jewelry: Just because a necklace, bracelet, or set of earrings is subtle doesn’t mean it can’t have a major impact. Complete any look – and show you care – by choosing earrings that can be seen beyond your hairline. Choose a necklace that harmonizes with the collar or neckline of your top. A delicate bracelet or two adds a feminine touch that complements any outfit and is appropriate for work or leisure activities.

Top 10 Accessories that Pull it All Together

Signature Jewelry: Dressing modestly doesn’t mean fading into the wallpaper. Invest in a few bold pieces that express the strong woman you are. Whether you go bright, colorful, or “chunky” in your choice, signature jewelry adds pizzazz to your everyday wardrobe and provides that extra measure of glamour to special occasions.

Top 10 Accessories Scarves

Top 10 Accessories that Pull it All Together

Take a look at your basic wardrobe. What are your favorite color schemes? What are some favorite items that work together – or don’t? A few scarves or shawls with “bridging” colors can turn isolated tops and bottoms into beautifully coordinated outfits, and increase your fashion flexibility.

Spring Flats

Top 10 Accessories that Pull it All Together

Fashion polish starts from the ground up, and colorful flats are a great way to get your look off and running. Great under pants or skirts, basic flats help you move smoothly from casual occasions to more formal events, without missing a beat.

Black Heels

Top 10 Accessories that Pull it All Together


These are the shoes that can lend an air of authority to your work outfits, and add fashionable propriety to the dresses you reach for on special occasions. You may have to invest some time shopping for the perfect black heels that are both beautiful and comfortable, but once you find them, they’re a joy forever.

Strappy Sandals

Top 10 Accessories that Pull it All Together

For that special party or event, you don’t have to go high in the heel. Whether neutral or “out there” in color, strappy sandals put sophisticated elegance on your feet.


Top 10 Accessories that Pull it All Together


Obviously, sunglasses are great for hiding tired eyes and shielding you from the sun’s glare. But psst! Their real beauty is how, by just sliding them on, sunglasses make you feel like a star.

Leather Handbag

Top 10 Accessories that Pull it All Together

A well-made, roomy purse with a strap and plenty of pockets is a must for any woman on the go. Choose something solid, functional, and not too flashy – after all, how many of us want to transfer our everyday essentials from bag to bag depending on what we wear?

Clutch Handbag

An accessory that changes the entire atmosphere of an outfit, the evening clutch is an elegant, easy way to transition between a look that says “getting through the day” and one that says “going out for the evening”.

Weekend Tote

You take care of the way you dress. Why ruin the look by tossing your weekend clothing into something that’s less than beautiful? Doubling as an extra-roomy purse for your “off” hours, the weekend tote is one piece in which you can go to town, and choose splashy colors or materials that express your sense of fun.

Fashion Watch

Now that so many of us are carrying cellphones and other devices, the humble wristwatch has emerged as a major fashion statement. Use an eye-catching wristwatch to offset bracelets and bangles. The watch puts a little business into your fashion pleasure while getting you where you have to go – on time and in style.

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